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What Is Dual Diagnosis Treatment?

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual diagnosis is a term used to describe the co-occurrence of a substance use disorder (SUD) and a mental health disorder. Unfortunately, this term has become all too commonly used to describe those who are struggling with addiction.  As scary as it can seem to have both a substance use and mental health disorder, it […]

Substance Use Disorder and the Gay Community

Substance Abuse in the Gay Community

The gay community faces many struggles which can in turn lead to substance use. Some people have a hard time coming out to their friends and family and this may cause a lot of stress for that individual. When people are stressed, they tend to turn to drugs or alcohol to comfort them. Because Americans […]

Codependency in Recovery


When you’re in a relationship, it is completely normal to expect the other person to actively love and respect you. With that said, relying on a partner’s love to validate you can affect your emotional and physical well-being. Unfortunately, it’s a common relationship pattern in early recovery that negatively impacts a person’s ability to grow. […]

The Dangers of Alcohol Abuse | Alcoholic Hepatitis

alcohol hepatitis

What Is Alcoholic Hepatitis? While the liver is a resilient organ, healing itself after a minor injury, its ability to regenerate has limits. After an individual habitually abuses alcohol for an extended period of time, the liver becomes agitated and inflamed, resulting in alcoholic hepatitis. Key points: The liver breaks down the alcohol you consume. […]

Rapid Detox: Risk vs. Reward

rapid detox

For a while, rapid detox became the shiny new treatment for addiction. In essence, rapid detoxification claims to remove all addictive substances swiftly and safely from the body. In reality, a rapid detox increases the risk of relapse and the potential for detox-induced coma or death. Despite the claims of rehabs who promote rapid detox, […]

Adderall Abuse In College Students

adderall abuse in college students

If you have ever asked yourself, “why is Adderall so popular among college students,” I suggest you participate in this quick exercise. Picture a college student— what image comes to mind? A general consensus might say: young adult, holding books.  There are typical two archetypes for the modern-day college student. The first example is an […]

Is Cognitive Distortion Preventing Your Recovery?

cognitive disfunction

Cognitive Distortion 101 To start off, what is disordered thinking, exactly. Disordered thinking is the result of cognitive distortions which are a pattern of irrational or exaggerated thoughts that make up your mental state. Cognitive distortions are the inner thoughts that cause you to falsely perceive reality. For instance, your general mindset is negative in […]

The Increasing Danger of Fentanyl Abuse, and Fentanyl “Laced” Narcotics

dangers of Fentanyl abuse

Unfortunately, cases of overdose deaths have been increasing dramatically in recent years, and one drug is the leading cause. Fentanyl has been added to heroin and cocaine to improve the user experience, for a small amount of money. While this is good business for the criminals selling these narcotics, fentanyl has directly contributed to a […]

How do Mushrooms Affect the Body?

How do Mushrooms Affect the Body?

Magic Mushrooms For individuals in tune with drug culture, the aesthetic of bright, colorful mushrooms can be found on posters, t-shirts and on album covers of CDs and records. Shrooms, or magic mushrooms are a commonly recognized, natural hallucinogen. It is also considered to be one of the least dangerous narcotics that you can ingest. […]

Why is Alcoholism So Deadly?

Why is Alcoholism so Deadly?

How often have you and a group of friends “met up for a few drinks”? Do you have anyone in your phone that is little more than a “drinking buddy”? For millions of men and women, this is a very common lifestyle and culture. Alcohol consumption for them has become as much of a hobby […]