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Activity Therapy

What is Activity Therapy?

Royal Life Centers offers a variety of therapies to promote healing through creativity— one of these therapies is activity therapy. These types of treatments bring out new thought patterns by using different parts of the brain.
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Art Activity Therapy

Painting, sculpting and other forms of art boost self-expression and can often be very relaxing. Additionally, research shows that art can be important in easing the symptoms of depression, anxiety, PTSD and ADHD, which often co-occur with substance use disorder.


Journaling allows individuals to put their thoughts on to paper. This helps them to better understand and process emotions or experiences they may be having. In particular journaling is a great way to put frustrations into perspective. What originally seemed like a major problem, can sometimes be nothing more than a minor annoyance. Journaling can be a very useful tool in early recovery for reducing stress.


Music therapy offers a wide variety of benefits, for those in early recovery. According to The American Music Therapy Association, some of the benefits are stress relief, easing pain, self-expression, improved memory, and physical improvement. Music and emotion often go hand-in-hand, so it makes sense that musical therapy proves to be incredibly healing for so many. We also offer music groups on a wide array of topics.

Movement Activity Therapy

At Royal Life Centers, we believe in the power of movement, which is why we offer mind-and body balancing activities like yoga. Yoga is a great way to incorporate mindfulness and meditation into your daily routine. In fact, it has been found to relieve stress, increase self-reflection and self-awareness, promote a healthier lifestyle, and foster emotional healing.

Equine Therapy

Equine-assisted therapy (EAT) is an activity therapy that has become increasingly popular in the field of substance abuse treatment. It is a form of group treatment, where guests can pet, groom, feed, halter and lead horses. It has been found that working with horses can improve brain function, reduce stress, as well as help manage symptoms of PTSD, depression and anxiety. Horses are sensitive animals, which make them especially in-tune to human cues. Equine therapy is considered a form of biofeedback therapy that focuses on better controlling involuntary bodily responses. It helps guests better moderate thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Not to mention, simply interacting with horses can boost dopamine and endorphin levels. If you have any questions about our activity therapies, or any of the other programs we offer, please call us at 888-559-5109. Our admissions team is available 24/7. Because We Care.

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