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Community Involvement

Royal Life Detox prioritizes community involvement, to contribute to the communities we call home. At Royal Life Centers, we excel in our commitment to giving back to the communities that we serve. We not only help those in need, but we also see service work as a way to spread awareness about substance use disorder and reduce the stigma around it.

Elliot Bags

Elliot Bags

The idea for the Elliot project originated from a guest’s mother, who lost her son, Elliot B. to substance use disorder. Each individual bag, named to honor the life of a guest who has passed away, contains food, water, hygiene products, a blanket and a poncho. Royal Life Centers staff and guests distribute them to the homeless in the community every Saturday. The bags also award two homeless members of the community a scholarship to our program. After the sponsorships are given, another guest’s name will be representing the bags given out from that point, and so on and so forth. This way, each guest that has passed is honored by providing an opportunity for a better life to two individuals. The Elliot project is closely tied to our homeless sponsorship program, started by Royal Life Centers CEO, Frank Cid.

Homeless Sponsorships in the Community

Each month, every Royal Life Centers facility sponsors two homeless individuals for scholarships. This includes detox, 2-week or 28-day inpatient treatment, and 12-week aftercare. Substance abuse is a major problem among the homeless population, who has little to no access to treatment. For example, one study conducted by the Department of Housing and Urban Development found that almost half of the population that lives in homeless shelters or on the streets suffers from chronic substance abuse. We believe that everyone, regardless of their financial situation or social standing, deserves help for substance abuse; and we are devoted to providing the finest detox, inpatient, and outpatient programs to everyone who needs it.

Street Adoptions

Here at Royal Life Centers, we believe that we are only as good as our community. As a result, we regularly give back in a multitude of ways. One of these ways is that we “adopt” local streets to promote civic responsibility. We allow staff and guests to volunteer, again suggested but not required, to keep these streets clean. In addition, we regularly go on trips to pick up trash, hand out “Elliot Bags” and ensure the roads we adopt are in good condition. We make it a priority to keep our communities clean and safe. In Prescott, our street adoptions include: 656 West Gurley Street, Prescott, AZ all the way to Thumb Butte Park- Thum Butte Road Prescott, AZ To learn more about how we serve our communities, please reach out to us by calling 888-559-5109. Our admissions team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have. Because We Care.
Community Involvement

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