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Adventure Therapy

What is Adventure Therapy?

Adventure therapy is a type of recovery treatment that allows for the patient to get outside the four walls of rehab. It introduces outdoor team building exercises to establish trust, fitness and respect for nature.

Here at Royal Life Detox, we offer two types of adventure therapy – kayaking and a ropes course. The idea is to encourage guests to spend time outdoors and to be active. The healing power of nature and exercise is what makes adventure therapy so helpful in early recovery. Often ignored in active addiction, we highlight the importance of physical wellness and aid in the growth of regular exercise patterns. In turn, this helps to build positive self image and release from anxieties and stress.

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A few of the benefits of adventure therapy and exercise include: stress relief, increased happiness, improved mood, and more energy. It is believed that physical activity can ease stress caused by the elevation of cortisol in the body. Additionally, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, and Harvard Medical School have all conducted studies that show exercise can calm the symptoms of depression and improve brain function.

Kayaking Adventure

Kayaking has been found to be helpful with mental health problems that can occur with substance use disorder, such as PTSD, anxiety and depression. Group kayaking challenges guests to work as a team, problem-solve, practice communication skills, and build self-esteem. Our Washington and Arizona locations both offer a beautiful landscape, perfect for kayaking. We like to think of it as a healthy escape from the stress of everyday life.

Ropes Courses

Our ropes courses are a fun alternative for traditional group therapy. Not only are they a great team-building activity and exercise, but they ask for guests to step outside of their comfort zone, and have them face their fears. Ropes course instructors educate guests on how to safely handle harnesses, cables, and ropes. Not only does this gives guests the opportunity to explore personal limits, but to have fun at the same time. Please reach out to our admissions staff at 888-559-5109, if you have any questions or interest in receiving treatment. Our phone lines are open 24/7. Because We Care.

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