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Individual Therapy

At Royal Life Centers, individual therapy is an integral part of our treatment plan. Early on, our clinical team pairs the guest with a primary therapist based off of their history and background. The primary therapist will then have the guest complete a biopsychosocial and spiritual assessment in their first session together. Using the information gathered from the assessment, the therapist will create an Individual Service Plan (ISP) for the guest. The ISP outlines areas of growth for the individual and the services targeting those areas.

Therapists meet regularly with their assigned guests in a one-on-one setting. Individual therapy is meant to help guests overcome personal obstacles, dysfunctional behavioral patterns, poor self-esteem, ineffective coping skills, and other underlying issues that coincide with substance abuse. Additionally, therapists identify and address any co-occurring mental health issues.

Individual Therapy

Our Therapy Practices

At Royal Life Centers, we believe that every guest requires a particular set of resources specific to their individual needs. Therefore, our treatment plans vary from guest to guest. Through individual therapy sessions, guests are able to better understand their substance use disorder. Furthermore, guests develop the strength and motivation to live a substance-free life. Individuals learn and practice healthy stress-management skills, and grow to honor their self-worth. This type of therapy is particularly helpful in treating mental health disorders often linked to substance abuse, such as depression and anxiety. We practice a variety of therapies at Royal Life Centers, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) that focuses on identifying and addressing dysfunctional thinking and behaviors. CBT has proven to be powerful in the development of personal coping mechanisms and emotional regulation. During detox and residential treatment, guests attend hour-long individual therapy sessions. When a guest reaches the aftercare program, they meet with their assigned therapist once per week. If yourself or a loved one wants to know more about any of our programs, please reach out to us today. Our admissions staff is available 24/7 at 888-559-5109. Because We Care.

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