Sober Living

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While in aftercare, guests will reside at Royal Life Housing, which includes sober living/ grad housing. Royal Life Housing eases the transition from treatment to living independently. Individuals in early recovery require stability and a certain level of accountability that reduces with time. The reason being, guests have a stronger foundation in recovery. That said, most individuals do not have a sturdy enough foundation by the time they graduate from the inpatient program. Therefore, they require a level of accountability that living independently cannot provide. At Royal Life Housing, guests can practice important life skills, including impulse control. Granted that this will give them a higher chance of success in recovery once they become fully independent. Guests learn how to take responsibility for their actions and make decisions based on anticipated outcomes to strengthen their self-sufficiency.

What Next?

Guests who participate in our nine-week aftercare program will stay in our sober living. While in our sober living homes, guests will have 24/7 access to staff. The homes furnish comfortable living rooms and plasma screen TVs with cable. Transportation to 12-step meetings is provided.

To ensure the safety of our guests, Royal Life Housing has on-call staff available 24/7, regular UA testing, and nightly curfews. To make guests’ stay more comfortable, we equip all homes with flatscreen TVs and Wifi. We also want to get guests in the habit of attending outside 12-step meetings, so we do provide transportation to meetings regularly.

Sober Living Housing

Guests who have completed our nine-week outpatient programs and are employed will be offered a place in our grad housing. Guests will participate in an outpatient program (OP) which must include one individual session per week and attending group every Sunday. In addition, transportation to 12-step meetings and the grocery store is provided.

Twice a week, guests complete a drug screen. Visitors and overnight passes are allowed. All bedrooms and living rooms have a flat screen TV with cable. Washer and dryer are available on property. Wi-Fi is available as well. Grad housing is less structured than sober living so guests are able to enjoy a higher level of independence.

If you or someone you know has an addiction, please contact our admissions office at (877)-RECOVERY with any questions you may have. Because We Care.