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The Increasing Danger of Fentanyl Abuse, and Fentanyl “Laced” Narcotics

Unfortunately, cases of overdose deaths have been increasing dramatically in recent years, and one drug is the leading cause. Fentanyl has been added to heroin and cocaine to improve the user experience, for a small amount of money. While this is good business for the criminals selling these narcotics, fentanyl has directly contributed to a large spike in overdose deaths in recent years.

Fentanyl is a synthetic opiate that has been obtained from healthcare professionals and manufactured by criminals themselves. It is extremely potent and inexpensive to obtain or produce, which is why it has been added to narcotics and abused by itself in recent years. Drug addicts have no way of telling if there is fentanyl in the narcotics they are using, which makes overdose deaths more common. Heroin and cocaine users are consuming amounts of narcotics that normally would be just enough to get them “high”, and are dying of overdoses. This is because fentanyl is deadly in such small doses, and it is hidden inside of the other narcotics.

Even when the drug user is intentionally abusing fentanyl, and fully aware of how deadly it is, the risk for overdose is still extremely high. This is simply because the amount needed to suffer from an overdose with fentanyl is very minimal and easy to accidentally exceed (especially for someone that is already intoxicated or not having their wits about them). Royal Life Centers spreads this knowledge of the new and ever pressing dangers of fentanyl abuse and its increasing prevalence to all of our guests. We want to make sure that the guests we get understand how abusing narcotics have become even more dangerous, and likely to result in accidental death than ever before.

While abusing narcotics has always been extremely dangerous, the increase in fentanyl being “cut” or added to other narcotics has become so widespread that even the smallest use of narcotics can result in an accidental death. Royal life Centers offers treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, including the treatment of fentanyl addiction. While addiction to any mind-altering substance is addiction nonetheless, fentanyl addiction is especially troubling. We have understood through experience treating countless guests that education is key to getting our guests to want to stop using. By providing our guests with the facts we arm them with the ability to make better decisions for themselves. If you or someone you know is suffering from addiction please reach out to someone via the form or phone number on our contact page.

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