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Mourning & Substance Use Disorder Recovery

mourning - grief and loss - grief - mourning and recovery - grief and loss therapy

Grief and loss and mourning are all subjects that can be addressed in substance use disorder recovery. Mourning in a healthy and whole-hearted way can make a massive difference in a person’s recovery process, not just from their drug or alcohol recovery but for their life. Dealing with grief and loss is never easy, which […]

Why Therapy is Important in the Detox Program

therapy in detox - detox - therapy - therapeutic work

Detox is Just an Ultra-Thin Slice of a Huge Recovery-Therapy Pie Rehabilitation from chemical dependency is a lot like rehabilitation from a serious trauma such as a spinal cord injury or the loss of a leg. Both chemical dependency and serious trauma rehabilitation can be painful, and definitely involves a lot of therapy type work. […]

Physical Wellness: Does Exercising Actually Help My Recovery from Drugs or Alcohol?

exercise - exercising - exercise in recovery - exercise helps your recovery

Many people in recovery from drugs or alcohol wonder if exercise can truly help their recovery. A simple yes or no is worthless without first proving facts people do not already know about, and then letting each reader decide for themselves. So, most readers look for a simple “yes”, “no” or “maybe” answer so that […]

Relapse Prevention for Cocaine

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This topic necessitates a substantial preface because what we are about to emphasize regarding cocaine relapse prevention, would have otherwise inevitably be met with skepticism according to our experience. The preface to the topic will be longer than the topic because readers have justifiable trust issues around what they read, even when it involves this […]