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How To Find the Best Drug Rehab Near Me

Seeking out the right addiction treatment center near you can be hard, especially if you don’t know what exactly you’re looking for beyond a program for alcohol or substance use disorders. Finding the best drug rehab center near you should be dependent on a few factors, including: level of care, services, programs offered, treatment approach, individualized treatment plans, and treatment methods. Let’s explore these factors below for an in-depth look at each.

Level of Care

The level of care speaks to how much medical supervision there is present during the program. Guests can be in either an inpatient level of care, or an outpatient level of care. An inpatient level of care means that the guest will be living in the residential treatment center, with 24/7 access to medical professionals through out their stay. An outpatient level of care can have varying access to medical professionals, but usually is representative of a less structured environment, with more freedoms. Guests in outpatient programs either live in sober living facilities, provided by the treatment facility or another facility, or attend programming from home. In-between levels of care exist, like our partial hospitalization program (PHP), where guests have less frequent interactions with medical professionals than in inpatient, but more access than when in outpatient.


It is important when you’re looking for a drug rehabilitation center, that you pay attention to the services they provide. At Royal Life Centers Detox, and all Royal Life Centers treatment facilities, upon arrival, we give each guest a case manager to work with through out their stay with us. Case managers assist guests with all types of services, from anything like applying for government assistance to handling any ongoing legal issues. Case managers will direct guests to resources specifically tailored to fit their individual needs. Case managers also provide other services like determining benefits eligibility and setting up aftercare details. Case management is also beneficial for the family members of our guests, as case managers are able to provide families with resources and information for them as their loved one is going through recovery.

Programs Offered

Perhaps the most important factor to look into are the programs that drug rehab offers. Addiction treatment centers can offer inpatient drug rehab, or outpatient rehab programs. Royal Life Centers Detox provides a medical detox program, for the safe, effective, and comfortable removal of any substances from the body. During the detoxification process, withdrawal symptoms from drugs or alcohol can arise that are severe and even life-threatening. This is why it’s especially important that this first step of addiction recovery is done in a safe, controlled environment like our medical detox center at Royal Life Centers Detox.

When choosing a treatment program, look for drug rehabs that offer comprehensive addiction treatment— which means that services are also provided like case management, alongside therapies. Royal Life Centers offers comprehensive addiction treatment, with programs that are designed to follow our guests from detox, through the stages of recovery. Royal Life Centers offers treatment programs including: medical detox, a residential inpatient program, a partial hospitalization program (PHP), an intensive outpatient program (IOP), an outpatient program (OP), sober living and graduate housing.

Treatment Approach

Make sure to read about a treatment center’s mission and approach before making your decision. At Royal Life Centers, we take a holistic approach to addiction treatment, healing guests in the mind, body, and spirit for a full recovery. Our holistic approach seeks to rebuild and strengthen the connections we have between the mind, body, and spirit. Try and look for an addiction treatment center whose approach is in line with your needs and goals.

Individualized Treatment Plans

Finding a drug rehab that allows for individualized treatment is extremely important. Nothing is “one size fits all,” so why should addiction treatment be uniform? At Royal Life Centers, guests will collaborate with their case manager and therapist to develop a treatment plan specifically tailored to meet their personal needs and goals. Recovery is an individual experience, so treatment should be an individual experience also. Our treatment plans are individualized, as we allow guests to choose group therapy topics that apply best for them, with options like grief and loss, anger management, emotion regulation, etc. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) makes it clear that treatments must address each person’s needs and symptoms for success, this is why our treatment is individualized.

Treatment Methods

It’s important to know how your substance abuse and mental health will be treated once you enter a drug rehab center. At Royal Life Centers, we only use proven effective methods of addiction treatment, but that doesn’t mean all treatment centers do. Our treatment centers use intensive therapy, like behavioral therapies, individual therapy sessions, group therapy, adventure therapy, activity therapy, and equine therapy. Upon arrival to one of our treatment facilities, guests will be assessed and evaluated for any co-occuring mental health disorders, so that we can determine the most effective course of action to treat you. Whether a treatment program is short term— like a 30 day program, or long term, treatment options should always include therapy and therapeutic methods. Royal Life Centers Detox also offers group therapies that teach guests tools that are used to prevent relapse, to give guests confidence in re-entering the world without falling victim to triggers.

If you are looking for the best drug rehab near you, look no further. Royal Life Centers provides the highest standards in addiction treatment. We give guests guidance and support as we seamlessly transition them through the stages of recovery in a safe environment. Our treatment is individualized, tailored to meet each guest’s personal needs, circumstances, and goals. We want each guest to feel cared for and supported, during and after the recovery process. Our goal is to provide proven effective methods of addiction treatment, using only the best practices to give guests the tools they need to rebuild happy, healthy, and successful lives in sobriety. Our holistic approach allows for healing in the mind, body, and spirit. Royal Life Centers Detox is where your journey to recovery can start, as we will help you remove a substance or substances from your body safely, effectively, and comfortably. If you have any questions about our treatment methods at Royal Life Centers, or any of our treatment options, please reach out to us.


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