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Substance Use Disorder and the Gay Community

Substance Abuse in the Gay Community

The gay community faces many struggles which can in turn lead to substance use. Some people have a hard time coming out to their friends and family and this may cause a lot of stress for that individual. When people are stressed, they tend to turn to drugs or alcohol to comfort them. Because Americans […]

Is Suboxone a Good Treatment for Opioid Addiction?

Is Suboxone a Good Treatment for Opioid Addiction?

Suboxone Treatment Suboxone treatment is used to assist a guest through opiate withdrawal with minimal withdrawal symptoms, if any. Suboxone is extremely effective in its ability to taper guests with substance use disorders off of a long time opioid dependence. Our guests will work with our team of medical professionals to determine the appropriate dose […]

Convincing A Loved One To Enter A Drug Abuse Center

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Convincing a loved one to enter a drug abuse center can be challenging. When a loved one is in active addiction it can be an extremely hard time for friends and family members. Feelings of helplessness can wreak havoc on your own life, as a loved one’s life spirals out of control. Thinking about how […]

What Happens When I Arrive At Drug Detox

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Drug and alcohol addiction is no walk in the park. Whether you’re going through it yourself or you’ve watched a loved one struggle, addiction always takes its toll. Those lucky enough to have made it through alive should consider themselves truly fortunate. Most addicts and alcoholics drink or drug constantly, which makes stopping abruptly extremely […]

The Aftermath: Staying Sober

Staying Sober

So you’ve gotten sober, congratulations! The battle is far from over. Yes, it is fantastic that you have been able to stop using and I am so proud of you but now you have to face the next challenge; staying clean. How do you stay clean when you are surrounded by all different types of […]

Celebrity Drug Use: The Reality of Addiction

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The topic of addiction hits headlines when a celebrity suffers a relapse or tragically overdoses, fame does not keep people safe from drug use. People then flock to social media to share their personal opinions and comments on the latest incident. It usually is a mix of sympathy and judgement, but regardless of the reaction- […]

The Dangers of Legal Highs and Herbal Hazards

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Nowadays countless mind and mood-altering substances are readily available over the counter, at gas stations, and in local head shops. Even though these are considered legal and marketed as safe alternatives, many provide similar, if not identical effects as real narcotics. They usually exist in a legal grey area, whereas they have not been researched […]

Navigating Early Recovery: The Do’s and Don’ts

recovery - early recovery - how to navigate early recovery

The process of giving up an addiction and building a new life, free from self-destructive behaviors, involves a lot of work and effort. The first few months of recovery can be quite a demanding time, as well as, downright scary for some. Luckily, there have been many who have already navigated these rocky waters and […]