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“Woke” Recovery

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What is woke recovery? Why do I sound like Barbara Walters when I say it? Being “woke” in recovery or “Woke Recovery”? In general, in our society today being woke means “being aware… knowing what’s going on in the community, we’ve opened our eyes to things, to people, to what’s really going on instead of […]

Relapse Prevention Tips

relapse prevention - relapse - how to prevent a relapse

Relapse Prevention In the moments leading up to a relapse, you have opportunities to block yourself from giving into the desire that will ultimately end in the countless consequences you are probably so familiar with already. Relapse prevention is all about taking notice of the things that are throwing you off balance, and addressing those […]

Heroin Detox

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At Royal Life Centers, our facilities in Lacey, Washington, Sumner, Washington, Spokane, Washington, Mead, Washington and Prescott, Arizona can treat you with Heroin Detox Services. We have full medical inpatient detox programs at our facilities. We also can treat you if you are addicted to other substances at the same time (poly substance use disorder) […]

How Can Friends and Family Support Loved Ones in Their Recovery

friends and family support - friends - support - friends and families

Helping a loved one who is struggling with substance abuse or addiction can be overwhelming. The natural instinct for families and friends is to immediately help in any way they can, which could lead to bigger issues like enabling. It may be a difficult task just to figure out where or how you should begin. […]